Playing Cupid to brand matches in Online Campaigns

oFstering brand interactions in Viral Online Campaigns has been one of the pursuits in the last years for most companies in digital marketing. We can almost say that the pursuit of virality has become the Holy Grail for brands 😃.

This article maps our journey in turning one of our clients into a digital brand Cupid. The one adept at pairing and matching other brands online. The inspiration behind this was sparked by the rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day and Dragobete, both love-centric events.

Our client in focus here is Today Advertising, a company with whom we have collaborated extensively in the previous years. You can read another example of our work for them here.


Their brief

…was rather simple: create a campaign that will get other brands interact with us online. You have to understand that brewing strong relationships with other brands is crucial for Today’s success as they have a strong B2B presence.

So, just as Cupid pairs compatible hearts, we devised a plan to strategically start the ‘brand matchmaking’. We had to mach the most crazy promo products with the active brands online. Because we needed a fun and creative message, we went ahead and got Sergiu from Utopia Balcanica onboard. His skill in crafting both clever and humorous copy proved invaluable!

The public,

played a significant role in instigating tension. The online comments made it nearly impossible for the tagged brands to maintain the distance. The outcome was a humorous and viral campaign that created waves across various social media platforms.

Looking back, we can see the campaign successfully garnered targeted media coverage (one example here), and played a substantial role in solidifying Today Advertising as an authentic voice of innovation. Today still stands as the one that makes the rules in the realm of promotional products! A post campaign analysis that reveals the areas of growth and reasons for the campaigns success is available:

Target Audience Alignment WITH THE BRAND:

Cupid’s arrow is most effective when aimed at hearts that beat in sync. ❤️ Similarly, successful brand partnerships ask for a shared target audience. So, we looked at demographics, interests, and online strategies of the companies that could make the dialogue more interesting for our audience.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms:

Social media platforms are the modern-day ballrooms where brands mingle and consumers engage. Hence, we used it to explore opportunities, engaging in cross-promotions.

Content Collaboration:

Today 😁 content is king. This is why we collaborated with Sergiu. We just knew we needed a strong voice and a witty copywriter, that understood social media in a deeper level.

Measuring Success:

In any relationship, it’s essential to assess the final success. So, we’ve closely monitored engagement, conversion rates (in the form of brand leads), shares and campaign reach to evaluate the effectiveness of our brand matchmaking strategy.

All in all, playing Cupid in the digital marketing realm involved a strategic approach. By understanding our client’s personality, that we’ve previously summarized in their tagline (We bring the WOW to your business!) we’ve managed to unlock the potential for successful brand partnerships and gain the attention the company desired.