Building a new brand identity for the 1st electric indoor karting in Sibiu

very Ebrand story we engage with begins with a fundamental question: ‘Who is this brand destined to become?’ This crucial inquiry lays the foundation for our journey into crafting unique brand personalities, and it is precisely this creative exploration that brings us immense satisfaction. It feels akin to receiving a blank canvas, an open invitation to unleash our creative prowess and deliver our very best.

In the case of Venom Karting, the artistic process of painting on this metaphorical empty canvas commenced with a thoughtful consideration of the brand name. Countless conversations were held to define the auditory identity of the brand before delving into any other aspects. The significance of establishing the right tone and resonance for Venom Karting, this new brand indoor karting business from Sibiu, became the focal point of our discussions, setting the stage for the subsequent creative endeavors.

Our instructions were unequivocal: incorporate the neon green color into the brand representation. This particular hue, though challenging to replicate in print shops, possesses a distinctive vibrancy that leaves a lasting and impactful impression. With our avatar clear set in our minds, the brand archetype and brand name chosen, we began exploring the various mood boards that would ultimately shape the unique universe of the brand. Presenting the client with two distinct perspectives, we invited Venom’s team to choose the one that resonated most with their identity. Once the decision was made, we seamlessly integrated the newfound identity into all brand materials and crafted the guidelines that would govern its visual expression.

Upon unveiling the brand identity and universe, the owners and pilots, Rares Tomita and Alin Moldovan, have placed their trust in us to communicate the essence of the brand across social media platforms, crafting their brand strategy and promotional campaigns and cultivating an engaged brand community.



We are thrilled to announce that we've welcomed another Sibiu-based business into our ever-growing portfolio, further expanding our network of successful ventures from this town.