Elevating Brand Experiences: Today Advertising x Upriserz

You know, Upriserz could really use our products! This is how an entire brand experience campaign that will benefit 2 different brands was born! We believe in crafting brand touch points that resonate with audiences on a profound level. And for that to happen we actively engage in making brand partnerships happen, especially between brands that have entered our portfolio. Enter the Smart Bobby Antitheft Pack – the catalyst for a brand experience campaign that paved the way from digital interaction to a special instant connection and long time partnership between Upriserz, a digital course platform for entrepreneurs and Today Advertising, an agency focused on offering WOW promotional products and printing services.

Kicking off our journey, we identified the Smart Bobby Antitheft Pack as the perfect embodiment of Upriserz’s commitment to blending innovation and functionality. This platform had already paved the way in innovation as it was the first of its kind to offer Romanian entrepreneurs digital access to educational materials, videos and interviews.

It was also perfect for their audience as it boasted state-of-the-art antitheft features, but also set the stage for an immersive brand narrative with its sleek design. It became the canvas upon which we painted an engaging story, intertwining the brand’s ethos.

In the quest to make the Bobby the hottest item on everyone’s wish list, we propositioned both Upriserz and Today to launch an exclusive one-time seasonal campaign. This wasn’t just about a backpack; it was about creating desire and demand. The Bobby quickly became the most sought-after accessory, which was then offered on multiple well timed occasions.

During the campaign frenzy, we didn’t just talk about features; they were showcased through interactive videos and engaging social media content. Today Advertising’s site, the brand responsible for introducing this gem to the Romanian market, was buzzing with Bobby excitement. Upriserz, on their end, joined the chorus, endorsing the backpack that had everyone talking. It was more than a product; it was a must-have.

As the campaign unfolded, we witnessed a ripple effect of engagement and excitement on both of our clients channels (Today X Upriserz). The Smart Bobby Antitheft Pack demonstrated our ability to leverage a smart, functional product and paved the way for the launch of a new reward program and shop with branded merchandise for Upriserz. This is what we call a memorable brand experience that resonates long after the last click or share, or long after our job as an agency is done.




A one-time seasonal campaign turned the Bobby into the most sought-after accessory, achieving unexpected success for two different brands in our portfolio.