From idea to brand - how Femi.eko's identity was born

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Published: February 16, 2016

From idea to brand – how Femi.eko’s identity was born

We first had our talks about what was going to be Femi.eko in the summer of 2022. Narcisa, the founder of the brand, came to us with the name and her vision, which included the launching of multiple eco friendly products for female hygiene. Back then the brand was called simply Femieco. We had multiple discussions on what the brand personality should be, what the best brand archetype we will incorporate in the visuals and the tone.

From the inception of our mood boards, our vision centered on capturing the essence of the 12 cycles of women, interwoven with distinctive Danish elements and aesthetics—a nod to the profound connection Narcisa shared with the country.

Thus, we proposed the brand name Femi.eko, accompanied by the choice of the daisy as our emblem. Our research revealed the daisy’s significance as the national flower of Denmark, but our iteration is no ordinary bloom—it boasts 12 petals, each representing a distinct cycle. In crafting the brand’s visual identity and color palette, our objective was to embody the fluid and powerful feminine energy in all its beauty.

Throughout our collaboration with the brand, we meticulously brought our creative vision to life across both digital and printed materials.

Moreover, as custodians of Femi.eko’s creative narrative, we extended our expertise to manage all facets of the brand’s social media communication. Through strategic campaigns, we aimed to not only showcase the exquisite products but also to resonate with the diverse experiences of women in their 12 unique cycles. Our commitment to fostering a sense of empowerment and beauty translated seamlessly into captivating ad campaigns, where each visual and message echoed the brand’s ethos.

In the realm of digital and print, we meticulously designed materials that seamlessly intertwined with Femi.eko’s identity, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to representing the multifaceted journey of women.

In essence, our collaboration with Femi.eko spanned beyond visual aesthetics; it encapsulated a dedication to storytelling that transcended mediums, delivering a unified message of empowerment, beauty, and the celebration of womanhood across every touchpoint.

branding, danish brand, femieko

Published: February 16, 2016



Whether through the tactile experience of printed collateral or the dynamic reach of digital platforms, our creative execution consistently sought to evoke the flowing, feminine energy that defines this Danish brand which is called Femi.eko.